Writing Wedding Vows to Set the Vibe of your Nuptials

When it comes to your wedding vows, did you know that this very special exchange of words can help you create the vibe of the wedding? It’s true, those sweet words you share before your extra special kiss, can be a wonderful way to personalize your wedding.

Then, from
 the super special words you choose to express to one another, you will be able to carefully select the wedding details to make it your very own - right down to the wedding accessories.

For example, if you're having a religious ceremony you will likely be including some of the standard wedding vows verbiage, but you can still add a personal touch. By working with your partner and officiant, you can write your own vows and still include certain phrases to adhere to the religious aspects of the weddin
g ceremony. 

Take some time with to discuss what’s important to both of you as a couple and share them with your officiant. They will help with what works while respecting religious guidelines. If that doesn’t work, you can consider writing your own vows to exchange during a first look or a special moment together before photos. You’ll treasure the memory of this exchange forever. 

bride wearing lace veil and holding a flower bouquet

You can even use other details of your style to express your modern mindset on wedding traditions, like an updated take on the timeless Mantilla veil & personalized vow books.

Follow your heart and write the words that truly represent your love for each other and your own personal style. Remember, you’re allowed to create the rules for your wedding day to make the love between you and your partner stand out to be seen and heard.

When you’re writing your wedding vows, you will want to consider the wedding vibe you want to create. Be sure to infuse your personality into the words you choose. You can even consider a pretty way to turn those words of love into a keepsake. For instance, maybe it’s simply written on paper or maybe your craft a mini book that becomes a keepsake of your vows. Depending on the vibe of your wedding and the chosen wedding vows, here’s some ideas for carrying the words thru into your accessories and your memorable keepsake of love. Throughout the writing process, just remember to make it super personal and as unique as your one-of-a-kind love for each other.

bride sitting on coach holding a wedding bouquet

Modern Wedding Vows

Are you confident and love classic wedding styles but with a twist? How about choosing a fresh take on a mantilla with a sleek jeweled handband? If this sounds like you, you’re likely loving the idea of having your vows written in a book that has gold foiling on the front of it. How about choosing a pretty script font for the word “vows” with your names on the cover or even Mr and Mrs on each one?

wedding vows book

Classic Wedding Vows 

You love pearls and the classic white gown. How about donning a white gown with a little bit color to bring out your personality? Maybe a pretty white shoe embellished with a something blue rhinestone? If you’re the couple that chooses to not stray far from the expected, you may want something as simple as typing up your wedding vows and tucking them into a folded booklet. Or, if you have a calligrapher for your wedding invitations, consider having your vows calligraphed as well. Then you can frame your vows afterwards for a keepsake you’ll treasure for years.

wedding vows book with calligraphy

Bohemian Wedding Vows

Do you dream of flowers in your hair and dancing barefoot at your wedding? How about expressing your boho spirit with either a delicate floral headband accented with a few wildflower blossoms? With your wedding vows, you could handwrite them on handmade recycled paper or maybe even paper with seeds embedded in them. Then you could plant your wedding vows after the wedding to watch your love grow year after year.

wedding shoes and champagne bottle

Another great bonus when creating wedding vows that not only reflect your personality but also bring in your wedding details, you can then have your photographer stage some very pretty keepsake photos. 

Picture your wedding accessories, either the bridal earrings or the decorative headband of the veil - maybe even your wedding shoes alongside your vows. The personality of you as a couple will shine through in the details of the photographs.

wedding vows handwritten with rose on top

There’s so many ways to let your unique love for each other shine though on your wedding day, we can't wait to see what you come up with!


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