Quick tips to help you enjoy a stress-free bridal accessory shopping experience!



  • Start thinking about choosing your veil 4-6 months before your wedding.
  • Veils can take up to 8 weeks to create, depending on the level of intricacy.
  • Custom veils may take longer.
TIP | Ordering early ensures you will have your veil for gown fittings & hair trial, approximately two months before your wedding.
Some of our most popular veils may be in stock in limited quantities, but options are often more limited if you allow yourself less time to shop.


As tulle is gathered or layered together, the colour becomes more concentrated. For that reason, veil colours are very subtle, so as to not be too concentrated once gathered at the comb. When diffused as a single layer, the difference in tones are very subtle, so it's easier to choose a perfect veil colour than you think.


If your wedding gown is a plain fabric like crepe, mikado or satin, match your veil to the colour of your dress.

TIP | Check your wedding gown order receipt or refer to the designer website to find out the colour of your dress. You may think of it as white, when it's actually ivory.

Be sure to hop onto our blog for all kinds of resources & tips for choosing the right veil colour, shape, tulle & more.



If your wedding gown has lace, match your veil to the color of your lace.

If your gown is two tone like ivory(lace) with a blush or nude underlay,  your veil should match your lace and be an ivory tone, or a neutral colour like our eggshell.

Bride wearing flamenco inspire two tone wedding dress with detachable sleeves

Colour Index


Eggshell is our most popular colour because it's very neutral and tones against almost any colour. This *just off-white* shade has no yellow undertone, and pairs beautifully with natural silks, as well as gowns with colour names like pearl, natural, off-white.

This colour is often referred to as diamond white, or silk white by some designers. We call it eggshell as we found some brides were confusing "diamond white" with pure white. Eggshell is deeper in colour than pure white.


Deeper in tone than eggshell, ivory is warmer with a very slight creamy undertone. Pairs well with gowns with the color name ivory or vanilla.
Dark Ivory

Dark ivory matches ivory gowns of a deeper colour, verging into the cream family. Great against rich, textural fabrics like brocade, some silk Mikados. Pairs with gowns with colour names like antique ivory, warm Ivory, dark ivory, cream.


Pure, bright white. Works exclusively with gowns described as white, with the exception of silks. "White" dresses made of silk usually go best with eggshell.

This tulle is a pale pink with a warm, slightly peach undertone. Think of a satin ballet slipper. Works well with warm-toned blush gowns.
Oyster is like a very light sand tone, oyster works beautifully with gowns that have champagne, vintage silver/pewter, gold or rose-blush accents, or gowns of the colour name antique. 

TIP | Still unsure about which colour to choose? Check out our blog article, (insert link) for more detailed information and feel free to email us with your gown designer, model name, color & sku number. We'd love to help you out! 


The right veil will help you express your style & enhance the vibe of your wedding.
Clean, simple veils like (Heather or Mae) go with every type of gown & let you shine.
Details like 3D flowers, embroidered/crochet lace, chantilly lace or even pearls add softness and create a romantic vibe. Lace veils pair beautifully with Lace gowns or plain gowns. Consider a long veil with lace detail on the end to lengthen your train.
Beaded veils add drama and sparkle to your look. Details on beaded edges can start at the comb, the shoulder or your fingertips, while thoughtfully placed sparkle will add dimension & enhance textural features on your wedding dress, like a ruffled tulle skirt or statement embroidered train.
Unique, signature tulles like all-over embroidered dots, glitter dipped, flock dot, and gorgeous embroidered details help you create your own one-of-a-kind statement bridal look. Reach out to us with your gown details for help with the perfect pairing for you.



Most headpieces take 2-8 weeks for production, but similar to veils, the more time you have on your side, the more options are available to you, especially if you decide you want a bespoke piece.
Try to order your headpiece 3-6 months before your wedding to allow for production time & ensure you have it for your hair trial.



Vines are a hair stylist favorite, they're flexible and can be placed on the side of the head or wrapped around a pony tail or bun.

*Tip Vines don't have a comb or clip to attach them to the head, your stylist will pin them in with bobby pins.



Crowns are considered the most formal bridal headpiece style, giving all the royal wedding vibes, but there are also whimsical & playful styles. Wear with hair up, hair down or wrapped around a high bun.
Fun fact: our beautiful crowns are made with flexible organza wrapped headbands and are light & comfortable to wear all night.  


Combs and pins

Combs can be nested on the hair just over the ear or placed on top of the veil comb. Tip* Consider getting two combs or a comb & matching pins for either side of your hair style for a more dramatic look with sparkle from every angle.  



Headbands can be finished on soft silky ribbons or flexible bands. They feature just enough sparkle and have a low profile for a gentle romantic look.  



Barrettes add subtle detail for the modern minimalist bride. Chic & low maintenance, they make an elopement or micro-wedding instantly more bridal, then pair them with other accessories for a more statement look at your "sequel wedding" festivities.



All of our accessories give huge visual impact and are thoughtfully designed to be light & flexible, allowing you & your stylist to create a look that's uniquely yours.
The same headpiece can be completely transformed by your choice of hairstyle. There's no wrong way to style your headpiece. Here are some ideas to inspire you!
back view of messy bun hairstyle with Laura Jayne Wisteria hairvine
Bride wearing beachy waves with foliage crownHead and shoulders of woman with messy bun updo and profile gold headpiece
Profile view of bride with effortless waves hairstyle and small side combs hair accessories
Profile of bride wearing draped halo headpiece