5 Wedding Style Ideas to Help You Find Your Perfect Match

Like you, many brides have thought about their wedding day at least once, but understandably not everyone is looking for the same thing. They'd like it to fit their unique personality as a bride— and as a couple. So, they'll spend countless hours wading through a sea of wedding themes online, watching the occasional "Say Yes to the Dress Fest" and a rom-com or two, and pouring over Pinterest boards for inspiration. 

Finding your wedding style can be an overwhelming process, but when you tap into the one that resonates with you, the rewards are more than worth the effort. 

To help you recognize the one that fits your personality, we’ve compiled a shortlist of popular wedding styles from our over 20 plus years of working with brides— focusing on “what to wear and where.”

So, what's your wedding style?

  • The Minimalist Maven 
  • The Boho Free-Spirit 
  • The Glamourista
  • The Timeless Sentimentalist 
  • The Destineer 

The Minimalist Maven 

bride with minimalistic style

She’s chic, she’s on trend, but she’s never overdone. The modern minimalist bride is all about quality, not quantity, and she doesn’t want to feel overdone on her big day. 

For the venue, she’ll choose somewhere simply decorated with large picture windows and lots of open space. She doesn’t want fussy features and appreciates sleek architecture, shades of white and sophisticated finishes. When searching for the perfect flowers, she’ll seek out something classically elegant with a subtle fragrance and soft color palette.  

In a dress, the modern minimalist chooses a sleek silhouette that’s easy to move in, but accentuates her figure. Materials such as silk crepe or charmeuse in a fabulous cut make the dress stand out with minimal embellishment. She’ll look for clean lines in a modern bridal dress and enhance it with subtle details, such as a sleek bridal belt.

Her wedding accessories echo her day-to-day confidence. Modest, understated but effortlessly chic. Rather than fussy adornments, our minimalist maven might pick out a chic jewelled bridal headpiece or hair comb alongside simple wedding jewelry. In both her hair and make-up, she aims for a flawless finish that radiates natural beauty. While she likes to keep things simple, she’s not afraid of a little edge... think Valentino rockstuds for a hint of the unexpected! 

Pared down, relaxed but ultra sophisticated, are you our modern minimalist bride? 

Bohemian free spirit smiling bride with a horse

The Boho Free-Spirit 

She’s fun, she’s strong and she’s in touch with herself. While she usually appreciates classic wedding elements, her individual style sensibility won’t be tamed by convention; she’s compelled to add her own brand of unmistakable whimsy and flare. 

An outdoor tent, a rustic barn or a backyard wedding suit this bride. She loves the outdoors and incorporates natural elements into her venue. From wild flowers to hay bales, wooden accents to organic elements, the details of her chosen venue make for a magical theme.  

Our free spirit likes to feel a connection to everything about her wedding, and that’s reflected in her fashion choices too. She isn’t shy and is happy to reset the boundaries when it comes to making a fashion statement. Lace, embroidery and tulle are the perfect materials to create texture and dimension in this bride’s eyes. Uninhibited by tradition, she’s as likely to opt for her favourite colour in a wedding dress as any shade of white.  

Flowing hair, minimal make-up and almost anything vintage will usually fit the bill. As for bridal accessories think unique, drapey veils, perhaps a Juliet cap veil à la Kate Moss. Her love of organic elements extends to hair accessories: floral vines and nature-inspired pieces are on point.  Wherever she can, she’ll add her own touch to her bridal style, through meadow flowers, feathers and plenty of greenery.  

On the day, you won’t find this bride stressing. She’ll be relaxed, smiling and taking the whole day in her stride. Does the boho free-spirit sound like you? 

smiling glamorous bride wearing chandelier earrings

The Glamourista

She’s fashionable, she’s fabulous and she’ll put on a day to remember. This glamourous bride lives for luxury. 

Only the best will do for this bride. She seeks luxury in every corner of her life, and her wedding is no exception. When guests pull up to her venue, she wants them to be delighted, swept off their feet and waited on all day. She’ll seek out a grand venue with exquisite décor; exceptional staff; an in-house chef to prepare delicious food; and stunning rooms filled with opulent features. 

Her style is lush and couture. On her wedding day, she’s looking for stunning and striking features. She’ll likely design a ball gown or princess style dress in luxe fabrics like peau de soie or silk mikado, an exquisitely embellished train and fabulous details such as an opulent cathedral veil and statement crystal.  When it comes to hair and make-up, she’s looking for movie star meets classic royalty. Flawless skin, fluttering lashes and glamourous hair are a must for this bride. 

The glamourista bride wants to put on a wedding that no one will forget in a hurry. Not a detail is missed and she’ll feel like a true princess. 

Are you seeking your glamour fix? Perhaps this more-is-more bride style is you.

sentimentalist bride wearing cathedral veil

The Timeless Sentimentalist 

She’s family-oriented, classic and timeless. This romantic bride appreciates tradition, personal touches and time honoured rituals. 

She looks for a heritage wedding venue, with wonderful landscapes and historic features. She’ll cherish exchanging vows at her family place of worship, rich with childhood memories, searching for something sweet. She’ll want to include her close-knit family and large group of longtime besties in every element and relishes the opportunity to include family traditions in her special day. From 

From sleek bridal shoes to a timeless veil complete with a monogram or a family crest, this bride knows what she wants. Her style is classic, with sentimental accents and handmade personal touches. Influences from her family are never amiss, including handed down heirlooms and jewelry from generations past. She wants subtle make-up and a classic up-do, with a dress that’s straight out of a fairy tale. Her vision is fresh-faced beauty and timeless elegance. 

Personal touches make their way into every element of this traditional wedding. From handwritten place cards to meaningful table names and touching speeches, this day of love is filled with family joy and plenty of smiles. 

Timeless, elegant and perfectly put together, are you feeling sentimental? 

destination wedding bride holding a cocktail drink

The Destineer 

She’s adventurous, she loves travelling and she’s got an itch to scratch—no matter what!

This confident bride respects tradition, but chooses to take it somewhere special. She traditionally would scour the internet looking for some of the world's most idyllic settings to hold her nuptials. 

During these unprecedented times, however, she pivots and seeks the perfect destination backdrop closer to home, even if it means eloping or organizing a road trip to a picturesque resort location only a few hours away. She’ll consider tying the knot at a national park or famous landmark with amazing views, or by the gleaming waters of a sandy beach. Taking just a small group of treasured guests, she’ll look for a beautiful place where they can all stay safe together and enjoy a mini-vacay. 

Bare feet or jewelled sandals look perfect beneath this bride’s choice of dress. Her informal style and love of all things natural will lead her to graceful silk dresses, backless designs and unique halter-neck or strappy fashion choices. She might keep her hair simple, but include a floral hair accessory or halo headpiece, fit for a queen. With bronzey make-up and sun-kissed skin, she’ll look every bit the natural beauty. 

If stunning views, sunsets and seashores sound dreamy, you just might be our beautiful destineer bride!

No matter if you’re wedding personality is that of a minimalist maven, boho free-spirit or fabulous glamourista, a timeless sentimentalist, destineer or another personality altogether, be sure that the wedding style you choose is a reflection of who you are. After all, it’s your special day and you should have the final say! 

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