There's Something about Blusher Veils: Three Reasons to Consider Wearing One

In case you don't know what a blusher is, it's the layered part of a veil that is usually pulled forward and worn over your face.

Although most of today's modern brides no longer subscribe to the ancient customs that a blusher is needed to either protect them from evil or hide their face before they are "given away", many find that it can be very practical for outdoor weddings since it can shield them from the elements.

While it can be viewed by some as old-fashioned or fussy, there’s a number of reasons why a modern bride like you may want to go for it.

Bride playing peekaboo with her blusher veil

You want to feel (and look) like a bride.

Looking to achieve an ethereal vibe? Nothing is more romantic or bridal than the look of a light, delicate tulle blusher veil worn over the face. In my humble opinion, it's absolutely divine!

Bride wearing polka dot blusher veil

Model is wearing our Marlow Shimmer Cathedral Drop Veil.

You want awesome wedding photos.

You won’t regret your decision when you see the stunning pictures your photog will capture of a veiled you walking down the aisle, your father (or someone you choose) “giving you away” and your partner’s face when they see you unveiled on your wedding day.

Bride wearing Coco Chantilly Fingertip Veil from Laura Jayne

Model is wearing our Coco Chantilly Fingertip Veil.

You want to seize the opportunity to wear one!

After all, when will you ever get the chance to wear one again? Besides, a blusher is not only beautiful when worn over the face, the top tier of a 2-tier veil can be used to balance a full skirt and add a boost of volume when worn back. A fashionista's dream accessory!

Coco Chantilly Blusher Veil worn back by bride

Feeling inspired?

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