Your "Go-to" Guide on How to Wear a Headpiece with a Veil

Many brides worry about their veil hiding the headpiece. Others are more concerned about creating a gap between their headpiece and veil.

If this sounds familiar, and you're wondering where to best place your bridal comb, tiara headband, crown or hair vine in relationship to your wedding veil, you've definitely come to the right place.

We've pulled this blog together to put your mind at ease, get you some answers and help you figure out what's right for you.

Can I wear a veil with a tiara?

The answer is almost always dependent on the overall line and shape of your bridal ensemble. A tiara or crown adds height and sits across the top of the head. If you attach your veil to this headpiece, it will definitely lengthen your silhouette, make you appear taller and draw the eyes up around your face and neckline. This is a great option if you're looking to balance out a full skirt or ballgown style wedding dress!

However, if you want to create a more subtle effect, an elegant veil placement is a little further back, behind your headpiece. This will still frame your shoulders and soften the neckline of your gown, but will let your tiara or crown take center stage.
Picture of classic bride wearing a two-tier Lucille Crystal Fingertip Drop Veil and tiara by Laura Jayne.

Model is wearing a tiara with Lucille Crystal Fingertip Drop Veil.  

Pro Tip:

"Remember, the lower the veil is placed, the straighter it will fall. This can cut the line of your dress and conceal special features like a statement back."


How do I attach my veil to a bridal comb?

All Laura Jayne veils come with either a comb already attached or elastic loops that can be pinned into the hair. However, if the veil you've chosen doesn't have a built-in attachment, you or your hair stylist will likely need to sew or glue one on. 

In terms of placement, a veil with a comb is incredibly versatile and can easily be worn at the crown or back, tucked into the middle of a half up/half down do or placed above or below a low, tousled up-do or messy bun.

Side profile of bride wearing rose gold crystal Jolie hair comb with statement drop earrings and veil by Laura Jayne.

Model is wearing rose gold Jolie Hair Comb with veil.

However, if your up-do is really low, keep in mind that it may be tricky to fit the comb in and you may need to insert it upside down or replace it with elastic loops. Be sure to have bobby pins on hand to secure it in place.  

If you have a simple dress with clean lines, love hair jewelry or just simply want to dial up the "wow" factor, adding a separate decorative hair comb to your bridal hairstyle will work wonders. Traditionally, it sits horizontally just above the veil but it can also work nicely at the back under the veil. As long as the veil is sheer and cut right, it will show through and remain in place after the veil is removed.  

Pro tip:
"Birdcage veils reminiscent of Old Hollywood work great with bridal combs and embellished headbands."
Side profile of bride wearing Celeste flower hair comb with birdcage veil by Laura Jayne..

Model is wearing Celeste Tulle Flower Wedding Hair Comb with birdcage veil.

How do I attach my veil to my headband?

Headbands are a popular choice with brides wanting an edgy, clean, minimal or modern look. 

With a headband, it's not necessary to attach it to your headband. Simply position it atop your head and secure it into place with bobby pins. Once you've got it where you want it, place your veil either right up against it, or slightly further back, so that it doesn't take away from your headpiece. 

Classic, modern bride wearing Laurel marquis crystal wedding headband under Leanna chapel length blusher veil by Laura Jayne.

Model is wearing Laurel Wedding Headband under Leanna Crystal Edge Veil

A bouffant veil with a fuller headband can be a fun look with a retro styled gown, and especially effective to offset a bateau or scoop neckline. 

Romantic bride with downward gaze wearing Rafaella headband with CZ pear oval stones by Laura Jayne

Model is wearing Rafaella Wedding Headband with veil. 

What's the best way to wear a veil with a hair vine?

There is no "best" way. In my opinion, hair vines are one of the greatest bridal hair accessories because they are flexible, versatile and can be positioned many different ways with virtually any bridal hairstyle. They are usually worked into the hair at the front or side, but can be worn almost anywhere without interfering. Pairing a "vine" with a veil worn slightly farther back is subtle, feminine and gives off a soft, romantic vibe.

Side view of bride wearing a hair vine with beaded Corsica Two Tier Fingertip Veil by Laura Jayne.

Model is wearing Corsica Two Tier Fingertip Veil.

Now that you have some answers on how to wear a headpiece with a veil, let me leave you with these last 3 pieces of advice:

1) Choose a veil and headpiece(s) that reflect your personality and make you feel like you at your best.

2) Make sure you can remove your veil without disturbing your headpiece and hairstyle, when the time is right. Keep a tail comb, hairspray and bobby pins on hand for touch ups.

3) Have fun styling your look! There really is no right or wrong way to do things as long as you achieve the effect you want. :)

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