Your Questions, My Answers on How to Choose Wedding Jewelry

Got questions about how to pick jewelry for your wedding dress? Or maybe you're just wondering if the color of your bridal jewelry needs to match your engagement ring?

For my take on the answers to these questions and more, check out this blog. 

Should the color of my wedding jewelry match my engagement ring?

There's no right answer here but we recommend it. If your ring is white gold, go with jewelry in silver tones. If it's yellow gold, go with gold tones. By doing so, your bridal ensemble will look and feel more harmonious. Of course, this is only true as long as it doesn't clash with the color of your dress. 

What wedding jewelry should I wear?

Less is often more so resist the urge to over-do it. Also, consider choosing pieces that can be worn time and again or have the potential to become heirloom pieces.

How do I choose a necklace for my wedding dress?

Your necklace should follow the neckline of your dress. Choker style or shorter necklaces look great with strapless. As for romantic sweetheart necklines, medium length necklaces work best. We recommend simple pendant necklaces for V-necks, and suggest skipping the necklace altogether for high necklines or halter-styles.

How do I choose wedding earrings?

Studs and drop earrings are always a great choice since they work with all types of hairstyles and leave enough room for you to go for a dynamite headpiece or a bold necklace. However, if you're wearing your hair down and want them to show through, or are looking for a larger, statement pair of earrings to add sparkle, longer or chandelier style earrings are a glamorous option.

What about bracelets, how do I choose the right one?

For wedding bracelets, throw out the rule book and pick the one that reflects your own unique bridal style and works with the details (and the sleeves) of your dress. From classic CZ tennis bracelets and romantic strands of  flower or leaf clusters, to boho ribbon styles and glamorous statement cuffs, you'll know the right one when you see it. 

What does "filigree" mean?

This is a style of intricate metalwork that we use to transform fine wires into many of our delicate and ornamental jewelry and headpiece designs.

Can I ask for customization?

Yes, almost all of our designs are customizable. Don't see the choice of materials (stone or metal color) you had in mind? Let us know and we'll do our best to help. 

Have a question that you don't see here?

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