4 Ways To Rock A Flower Crown at your Wedding

Flower crowns have rocked the music festival scene for a while now, but what if you want to wear one for your wedding? If your vibe is more couture than Coachella, we’ve got you covered  (was there any doubt?)  with a few ideas to re-imagine this ultra-feminine floral statement piece into something new – and very you.

First things first: let’s talk the good, the bad and the um…wilted about these petal pretty creations.

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Image credit: The Poetry of Flowers

The Good

They’re gorgeous, and as any accessory should, can compliment almost any personality. While the Coachella gal in you may be all washed denim and daisy chains, think deep red roses and rich greens and wow, it just got dramatic in here (!!). 

What about the delicate fragility of baby’s breath sprays vs. the exotic, slightly mysterious aura of orchids? Or how about the sophistication and scent of a single gardenia tucked behind the ear? Each one of these evokes a different feeling while complementing different looks & settings.

We often associate flower crowns with effortless bohemian chic, but they can be all out glam too.

The Bad

OK bad is a strong word, so let’s say…truth. While they look light, vibrant and beautiful; flower crowns, especially when made to last the day, can be heavy. Those pretty blooms need support and sustenance and are not always as carefree and comfy as they look!

Flower crowns are statement headpieces, so it’s good to consider other elements in your look and whether it works for you to have the headpiece center stage. Visually, they draw the eyes up and around a bride’s face, which is awesome, but what looks perfectly balanced with editorial hair & makeup in a magazine photoshoot or fashion catwalk may be overpowering for delicate features or a bit much to carry off. 

The Wilted

Probably the hardest truth of these pretty posies is that even when constructed to perfection by a pro florist, they usually struggle to keep up with the demands of a front row seat at one of the longest parties you’ll ever attend (your wedding). 

Harpers Bazar, fashion magazine, quote                                                              - Harpers Bazaar

If you’re almost as in love with the idea of flowers in your hair as you are with your fiancé, there are ways to make it new and totally rock it in your own inimitable way (cue the confetti & rose petal showers - and read on)

A Flower Crown: 4 Ways to Rock It

1. Mix it up

If you love the flower crown look; but want a style that sticks around for the party – pair your pretty posies with a headpiece. A fave example of ours is from a collaborative shoot with Glaze and John Events. We were “all the heart eyes” over how Fancy Face Inc. tucked watercolor blush blooms our Whitney Halo Headpiece for a chic & sophisticated take on a wedding flower crown.
    bride, girl, crown with flowers, wedding

    Image credit: The Poetry of Flowers

    The great thing about this option is the flowers can be removed once they start to get weary, but your hairstyle remains intact and you have an heirloom headpiece as a memory of the day. It also allows you to add glam factor and use smaller blossoms as they do not need to have so much “behind the scenes” support to structure them as a full crown.

    Another take on this idea- sprinkle some crystal hair pins or a small comb around/under a fresh flower crown, and voila- if the crown comes off the ‘do still looks fab!

    2. Fall for faux

    Silk flowers and other components such as lace or embroidery are lighter and are great for beautiful, malleable crowns and hair vines.

    While hand-pressed artisan silk flowers are less starchy and much more delicate than those often seen for interior décor and crafts, they are still less susceptible to wear and tear than real blooms and do not need as much structure. So, while they can be big and dramatic for a statement look, they can also be fashioned into delicate designs that won’t overpower fine features. 

      flowers, crown, bride, faux flowers

      Image credit: The Poetry of Flowers

      For our collab with Glaze and John, we created a custom silk organza and venise lace vine complete with pearls and crystal settings for an upscale boho glam bride vibe. Much lighter than most real floral crowns, this is a great option for brides wanting to wear their hair down in perfectly “undone” beachy waves. Both the hair and hairpiece won’t fall flat!

      3. Do a little shapeshifting

      Love the look, but want to make it a little new? Go for floral hair pins, combs, or a half crown/back crown. Real, faux, or both, there are endless ways to work pretty florals in your hair, including some of the ones shown here.

        Puffy skirt, bride, crown made of flowers

        Image Credit: Swan Lake Meets Blush Romance

        The Scarlett hair piece is doubled up to create a statement boho glam look that will sit comfortably in the hair all night. 

        bride, hair pins, floral design

        Image Credit: Swan Lake Meets Blush Romance

        Floral hair pins sprinkled throughout the models hair combine fashion and function. The pins keep the hair in place while adding a touch of sparkle. Wear them again, or treasure them as a keepsake to pass down to future generations.

        4. Get your greens (...or at least your leaves).

        Garlands and vines of real or dried green foliage lend a rich, monochromatic look and a completely different take on the floral crown trend. Martha Stewart Weddings has great visual inspo for this here.

          Or if you fancy a little shimmer and shine in a design you can keep, metallic headpieces with silver or gold foliage have a delicate botanical effect. These also mix well with fresh floral elements.  

          flowers, crown, bride

          Whatever your perfect vision of a bridal flower crown is, there are so many ways to make it new and uniquely yours. Have fun with it and express your personality and style!

          Finally, if you choose to incorporate fresh blooms into your look, we'll leave with a few parting tips:
          • Check out flowers that are in season and available for your wedding as this can dictate your color palette.
          • Flower crowns are more than meets the DIY-these pieces are works of wearable art! While DIY flower crown parties make a (super) fun bridal shower activity for you & your I Do Crew, we recommend seeking out a florist with flower headpiece experience for your bridal look. A lot of skill goes into getting every bloom in place & looking pretty for your white carpet moment. Besides, you will have far more important things to do that day, like sipping mimosas with your bridal besties! 
          • Consider your veil style while deciding on your floral headpiece. The size and placement of the flower crown may impact the shape, length, and placement of your dream veil. We recommend chatting about options with your florist. Then you can try on your dress and pair up a veil with the headpiece options in mind. 


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          Creative Team for The Poetry of Flowers:

          Photography:  Artiese Studios 
          Styling:  Glaze and John Events 
          Hair and Makeup: Fancy Face Inc. 


          As featured in WedLuxe Magazine. Click here for full gallery and creative credits.


          Creative Team for Swan Lake Meets Blush Romance:

          Photography: Celine Kim 
          Styling: Party With Chloe 
          Hair Styling: Uno Jo Bridal Hair 
          Makeup: First Brush Makeup 

          As featured in WedLuxe Magazine. Click here for full gallery and creative credits.