10 Expert Bridal Hair Care Routine Hacks for Great Wedding Hair

The one you love has popped the question and wedding planning is well underway. You’ve ditched the chocolate, hit the home gym and started browsing the internet for your dream wedding dress. You're determined to shine on your big day... but don't forget about your hair!

bridal hair care routine bride with bouquet of flowers

Many of our brides are deciding on growing out their hair or making subtle color changes in the weeks and months leading up to their nuptials, but the perfect wedding day hair look needs a great "canvas" to start with. That's where a solid pre-wedding hair care routine comes in. Think of it as some bridal self-care "me time", as well as a gift to yourself on your wedding day, when you'll look and feel your best. Plus, with so many of us spending far more time at home these days, there's never been a better time to dip into some home self-care rituals to serve you well pre-wedding and after.

With our many years in the bridal community, countless weddings and hundreds of styled photo shoots, you'll want to leverage these expert hair care tips to get your tresses in tip-top condition. 

Hack #1: Find a bridal hair stylist you trust at least 6 months prior, if possible

“This way you have plenty of time to discuss your options and get your hair to your end goal in a healthy way. Sometimes hair color needs a few visits to get to its desired shade and we all know that hair takes time to grow if you want to grow it out for your style,” says Jessica Roop, owner of Jessica Roop Beauty & Boudoir, a team of bridal hair stylists and makeup artists from Austin, Texas.

Shannon Petrolito, another expert bridal hair stylist, recommends “using hair extensions to make your hair appear more voluminous and to help hold the style.” Feel free to share pictures of bridal hairstyles, veils and hair accessories you are considering. Together with your hair care professional, you can come up with a plan to ensure you have wedding-ready hair on your big day!

woman at bridal hair trial with bridal hair accessories

Hack #2: Drink lots of water

It seems like a no brainer, but dry hair is no one’s friend. For the sake of your hair (and skin!), there’s no time like the present to start drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Try not to substitute your water for sugary drinks or diet sodas. Stick to water and hold fire on the caffeine - your hair will thank you for it!

Hack #3: Reduce washing and use warm water

Daily washing with hot water can lead to color fading and dryness. Prevent stripping your hair of its natural oils by keeping water lukewarm and shampooing to a minimum.

Hack #4: Choose chemical-free hair products that are right for your hair type

Many shampoos contain harsh ingredients that are drying to hair follicles. Look for hair care products that are free of silicone, sulphates and parabens.

If your hair is dyed, use color safe products that protect it.

If your hair is dry and dull, hair oil is the hair dresser’s best kept secret. Use it as a mask for hydration, comb it into wet hair to add shine or sweep it over dry hair to keep flyaways at bay. Find an oil you love and work it into your pre-wedding hair care routine. Plus, massage it into your scalp before giving your hair a wash for an added bonus - hello stimulated hair follicles!

Though many of us aren't travelling these days, if you are travelling during the run-up to your wedding, be sure to pack your hair product. Hotel shampoo and conditioner varies widely in quality and it's best to be consistent with the TLC you give to your locks!

hair stylist placing accessories at bridal hair trial

Hack #5: Get regular root touch ups and trims

Stay on top of your colour, and even though it may seem counter productive when you want it to grow, get tiny little trims on the regular every 6 to 8 weeks to promote growth and prevent breakage and split ends. Jessica Roop recommends “regular trims to help clean up your ends so they look fresh and smooth in your updo or style.” Follow these simple steps and say hello to long, shiny, healthy hair!

Hack #6: Avoid damaging heat and hair spray

Especially in the weeks and days before your wedding, try not to over-style your hair with hair dryers and flat irons. Heat treated locks can break, go frizzy or look dry and weak. Also, stay clear of dehydrating products like dry shampoo and hair spray, as these have the same ravaging effects.

Hack #7: Apply hair masks weekly

Use Friday evenings as an excuse to unwind and get moisturized. Pop on a face mask, but don’t stop there! Give your hair the extra nourishment it deserves by grabbing a luxurious hair mask and slathering it all over your locks. By doing this weekly, you’ll find your hair getting stronger, silkier and much longer without damage. Choose something with natural oils and a scent that relaxes you for an added benefit!

back view of woman's bridal hairstyle at bridal hair trial

Hack #8: Pass on making drastic hair changes

It can be tempting, but don’t do it! Stick with a style you’re comfortable with, or grow your hair out and consult your bridal hair stylist for suggestions. Chopping it off or drastically changing it with less than 6 months to go could lead to a styling disaster and many regretful tears.

If your regular stylist will not be doing your hair on the day, plan your hair trial early, and ensure to communicate between both stylists so colour and cut are planned to highlight your bridal hairstyle of choice. Jessica Roop advises sharing before and after photos of your bridal hair trial with your regular stylist.

Hack #9: Plan your final cut & color 2-4 weeks before your wedding

This is the perfect time to get your hair wedding day ready by making adjustments to your texture, cut and color. Bridal hair stylist, Shannon Petrolito, recommends brides “consider face framing layers since most bridal hairstyles benefit from having some shorter pieces around the face.” Don’t get your final color too close to the big day. Coloring your hair at least 2 weeks before gives it time to settle, allows for any top ups or toners and allows you to get used to it.

bride and hairstylist getting ready on wedding day

Hack #10: Finally, wash and dry your hair fully before styling on the day

Expert bridal hairstylist, Uno Jo Shan tells her brides to “wash their hair in the morning or the night before. Shampoo normally and condition the ends only. Do use any additional products.- no oils or creams of any kind. You don’t want it to be silky smooth. Hair needs to be FULLY DRIED to hold the style. And remember to wear a button front shirt or robe to change out of once the styling is done!” 

bride and groom outside on wedding day

We hope you find these simple pre-wedding hair care tips for strong, shiny, healthy hair helpful in the months leading up to your big day. We think your wedding hair will thank you for it - and look absolutely gorgeous ;)

Our images feature our bride Molly's journey from bridal hair trial with her customized Laura Jayne Ciara comb and hairpin set, to getting ready the morning of her wedding, to "just married" with hubby Joshua! We met Molly when she won our giveaway and chose the sparkling belt she's wearing with her wedding dress as her prize. She then asked us for help creating her bridal hair accessories and other finishing touches. We were honored to have Molly as a Laura Jayne bride, and thrilled to be able to share some of her gorgeous images with you here.

While you treat your locks to the ultimate pre-wedding glow up, we're here to help with the looks to show those beautiful locks off, and style your ensemble in a way that's uniquely your own. While you're, say, sitting with that hair mask on one Friday evening, be sure to grab a glass of wine (or water) & browse our collections to finish your look:

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