5 Designer Tips on How to Pick the Right Veil for You

First of all, congratulations to you on being a future Mrs.!

If you're like many of our brides and are asking yourself, "where do I start and what kind of veil should I wear?", you've come to the right place.

In this blog, we cover 5 easy steps on how to confidently pick and choose the right veil for your dress!

Step 1: Find your dress


Veils comes in all different shapes, shades and sizes, so it's important to make note of your dress details.

If your gown is special order, take a picture and make note of the details including designer, style and color.

Also, get a swatch of your dress fabric when possible. Having this information will come in handy as you begin your journey to find the perfect veil. 

Step 2: Consider a veil that accentuates your dress silhouette and key features

Aurelie Fingertip Glitter Veil shown on model.


The right veil will complement everything you love about your dress and enhance the overall look of your bridal ensemble. 

It will work to create a flattering silhouette for your gown, and body type, while highlighting key focal points.

Once you've nailed the right pairing, all of the other elements - veil length, embellishment (or not), and even fabric - will fall into place. 

Alyssia Alencon Juliet Cap Veil shown on model.


Dress Silhouette (Back and Front view)

First, let's consider the back of your gown. Let's say your dress features a fabulous low backline or a statement bow at your waist. A short veil cutting across will completely ruin the effect.

To ensure your veil won't interfere with any of your gown's gorgeous details, it's usually best to go for a veil length that either sits just below or just above any key features.

Laura Jayne Mirage Tulle Veil shown on model.


Don't buy into the common myth: “a veil will hide the details of my dress.” A properly cut veil in the right fabric will be sheer enough for everyone to appreciate the beautiful details.  


Now, let’s turn our lens to the front of your dress.

Typically, the key focal point is the neckline and your veil should work to balance out your overall look, or just softly frame it.

If you have a pared down neckline, such as a strapless or off-the-shoulder with a fuller skirt, you may want a veil with a bit of lift at the top to draw the eye up around your face.

Annastacia Veil shown on model.


If, on the other hand, you have a gown with a more dramatic line around the shoulders, like a portrait collar or puffy sleeves, a veil that sits a bit lower and doesn’t distract from the neckline will likely work best for you.

Isla Gold Floral Waltz Veil shown on model.


For a more classic, ball gown silhouette, or for a heavily detailed or embellished gown, you may want to choose a simpler, straighter cut veil.

Sakura Alencon Fingertip Veil shown on model.


Keep in mind shape is key! A number of veil lengths can work with any one dress, but if you get the shape wrong, it just won’t work.


Veil Lengths

Although veils come in short, medium and long lengths, today’s bride loves the ethereal and sensual vibe of a classic cathedral.

At 108” long, a cathedral veil leads the eye right down the full length of your bridal ensemble without interference. It is considered to be the most elegant and dramatic of them all. It instantly elevates any look with an impressive length that is typically one to two feet longer than the train of your dress.

Romantique Cathedral Veil shown on model.


If your dress has little to no train, you can achieve this same ethereal effect with a chapel length veil at around 85" - 95" long.

Bree Chapel Length Chantilly Lace Veil shown on model.


However, should you wish to have something just as elegant without the long length, a fingertip veil is your best bet! It perfectly blends into the silhouette of a wedding dress without creating a visual distraction.

Constance Fingertip Veil shown on model.


Remember, veils are all about proportion, line, and the overall effect you want to achieve with your bridal look- not length!

Step 3: Choose the right veil color to go with your gown

Veils are sheer with little colour so that the colour picks up the tone of the gown. This is a good thing because you don't want it to become too concentrated when gathered in a hair comb. 

Isla Gold Floral Waltz Length Veil shown on model.


Veil Color

The 2 most popular veil shades, in our experience, are eggshell and ivory. Eggshell is incredibly neutral and works with almost any colour of dress while ivory is warmer and works with gowns with a slightly yellow undertone. 

 At Laura Jayne, our illusion tulle comes in six main shades:

  • White for bright white gowns other than silk;
  • Eggshell for almost any shade of “white” gown or silk white;
  • Ivory for warm white gowns with a very slight creamy undertone;
  • Dark ivory for “cream” colored gowns or textured fabrics like brocade or silk Mikado;
  • Oyster for warm metallic or antique toned gowns; and
  • Sorbet for rose or blush toned gowns.


If you are still unsure about making the right color choice, it's best to order fabric swatches from your veil designer.


For more in-depth information about choosing the right veil color for your gown, refer to our blog article, Picking the right veil color for your dress.


Step 4: Pick a veil fabric that delivers what you want

Although there are a number of different veil fabrics to choose from, you'll want to make sure you understand the pros and cons.

Bridal illusion tulle fabric shown above.


Veil Fabric

Bridal illusion tulle is the most widely used veil fabric because it is light, sheer, affordable and holds its shape better than expensive silk tulle. The extra body of this man-made netting helps the veil sit away from your dress a bit more, while still having a light, ethereal quality.  

Plus, it has no limits! It works for all veil lengths, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings and comes in widths of up to 108" for maximum fullness.

Although softer, more luxury fabrics (like silk tulle, chiffon and organza) and stiffer, more organic fabrics (like English cotton net) are available, they have their unique limitations.

For instance, silk tulle is very delicate, often doesn't come in 108" widths and prone to snagging while English net is less sheer than nylon tulle. 

At Laura Jayne, we also offer a number of exclusive illusion tulles including but not limited to: 

  • Mirage Tulle, a luxurious, ultra soft, ultra drapey European tulle;
  • Tulle Voile, a lightweight, shimmery tulle that almost looks like organza except it's more sheer and drapey; and
  • Luxe Tulle, a crisper, slightly less sheer tulle that delivers a contemporary, more modern look and appears almost like a finely woven silk. 


Our signature Mirage Tulle is a real winner for veils because it's very sheer, soft and lightweight with a glamorous sparkle effect and slight lustre reminiscent of silk tulle!


Step 5: Make sure your veil is a reflection of you!

Penny Birdcage Veil shown on model.


Your veil and accessories will turn “THE Dress” into YOUR Dress. While certain styling “rules” apply to getting a great line and proportion with any ensemble, it’s also super important to think about 2 things:

1) How did your chosen dress make you feel and what made it “the one”? Romantic, sophisticated, edgy? Tap into this emotion for help guiding your choice of veil and accessories.

2) What style or theme do you have in mind for your wedding? Is it a formal wedding, an intimate elopement, a casual garden wedding or glamorous evening affair? Come up with 1-3 keywords you would use to describe your wedding to a best friend. This will help you set the tone for how you want to accessorize your dream wedding dress.

As you nail down these two elements, they will often inform your ideas of finishing touches for your veil, such as pearls, crystal, lace, embroidery or other details to personalize it and reflect your style.

That's just about all the steps you need to take to get a great wedding veil that works with your dress and reflect your personality and the vibe of your wedding.

We’ve helped 1000’s of women find their perfect veil, and we’re happy to assist you too.

Feel free to reach out via Instagram or our "Contact Us" page for help finding your perfect gown/veil pairing. 

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