3 Care Tips for A Wrinkle-Free, Picture Perfect Veil & A Wedding Ready You

The time has come and your perfect veil has just arrived. This is the moment when feeling like a bride gets real and you experience a range of emotions: joy, anticipation... and pure excitement!

Elated that this special delivery came just on time, you carefully open the box and smile at the delicate crinkle sound of tissue paper as you unwrap it.

Once in view, the beauty of this stunning wearable work of art takes your breath away and you’re immediately tempted to take it out of the box and try it on.

But before you make your next move, here are some pointers on trying it on, storing it and how to get wrinkles out of tulle before your big day. 

Bride wearing blusher veil

1. Make sure to prevent unfortunate damage.

Before you take your veil out of the box, find a clean, wide-open space where you can safely spread it out and check it out.  

Closeup of Khrysia Monogram Cathedral Veil

2. Take extra precaution when trying on your veil. 

  • Consider asking for help with getting it on. No doubt, a BFF or family member will be all too happy to give you a hand.

  • Avoid wearing clothes, accessories and jewelry that can snag the veil. When you’re wearing your wedding gown, the veil will rest on top of it so it’s protected. However, when wearing your everyday “comfies” or jewelry at home, it’s easy to accidentally snag it on something. Even though small tears and imperfections are hard to see, it’s also almost impossible to fix them since most veil fabrics are very delicate and sheer.

  • Pack your veil in a garment bag if you plan to show your hair stylist what they have to work with. But, you may not actually want to have them place it in your hair- working with a veil, especially a long one, in a salon filled with dyes and other haircare products can be awkward and risky. **While you're there, don't forget to ask your stylist for specific instructions on how to remove your veil. To prevent messing up your "do", we recommend asking someone to help by having them place a hand below or above the comb to gently pull it out. No yanking please!

  • Should you have more than a month to go before the wedding and you’re done trying it on and showing it off, place the veil back in the box and store it in a cool, dry place for safe keeping until the 4-week mark.

Isla Gold Floral Waltz Veil back view

3. A month before the wedding, take your veil out of the box and hang it up so that wrinkles and creases have time to relax.

  • Use the ribbon loop at the comb to hang it. A padded lingerie or velvet hanger is best to prevent snagging and remember, the ribbon loop is only meant for hanging so you’ll want to clip it off the morning of your wedding. We'd hate for it to show through in you pics!

  • Store it in a garment bag. If using a bag with a zipper, be sure to hold the zipper away from the veil & place two fingers underneath while zipping it up- this will prevent the veil from getting caught.

  • Leave the bagged veil hanging in a cool, dry place and try not to stuff it into a crowded closet. Crushing it into a too small space will only lead to more creases and wrinkles.

  • Take the veil out of the bag 3-5 days before the wedding and let it hang free in a spare, low-traffic room, away from heat sources, pets and other risk factors. The point is to keep it safe & clean while giving gravity a chance to get to work and soften some of the creases and wrinkles.

  • If you notice your veil has a few stubborn creases, here’s how to get wrinkles out of tulle and other veil fabrics
    1. hang it in a humid bathroom for about 20 minutes;
    2. steam it at home using a handheld steamer;
    3. send it to a professional dry cleaner or tailor to get it steamed; or
    4. wave a warm hair dryer very gently over it. Do NOT hold the dryer right up against the veil; you can melt or scorch the fabric.

    If you follow these tips, you, and your veil, are sure to be wedding ready on your big day! 

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