The What, When and How to Choose a Veil or Headpiece

Through the years, our brides have come to depend on us for answers to all of their questions about headpieces, especially veils.

Truth be told, there's a lot to consider when it comes to veils so knowing what to ask and how to choose can be somewhat confusing. 

If you're thinking of walking down the aisle wearing a veil and/or hair accessory on your wedding day, we encourage you to go through this Q & A to get the answers you're looking for.  

What does wearing a veil symbolize and should I wear one?

Historically, a veil symbolizes a bride's purity. The moment the father of the bride 'unveils' his daughter is the moment he "gives her away" to her partner.

Of course, today, the veil, put simply, is an iconic wedding accessory that makes many brides declare, "I feel like a bride."

The decision to wear one is really up to you. You don't have to wear anything you don't feel comfortable wearing. However, I believe Joan Rivers said it best when she said, “You can’t wear a veil to next year’s big party. This is your only chance. Wear the damn veil!”

Does my veil have to match my dress?

The veil doesn't need to be a perfect match but we recommend that you choose a veil that complements and picks up on some of your gown's special details. If crystals, pearls and floral details are what makes your wedding dress special, you might want to choose a veil that features some of these same materials.

What types of wedding veils can I choose from?

There are several types of wedding veils to choose from. There are short birdcage veils, long cathedral veils and everything in between. For a more in-depth look at your choice of veils, head on over to our blog, 5 Designer Tips on how to Pick the Right Veil for You.


What materials are wedding veils made from?

Veils come in a wide range of fabrics including silk tulle, illusion tulle and more. In addition, they are often embellished using a vast array of different materials such as crystals, rhinestones, pearls, lace, ribbon and the list goes on. To learn more about veil fabrics and our perspective on silk veils, read our blog, Silk Tulle Veils: Must-Know Facts at your Fingertips.

What lengths do veils come in and how long should my veil be?

Veils come in short, mid and long lengths and there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to picking veil length. The key thing to remember is veils are all about proportion, line and the overall effect YOU want to achieve for your wedding day look. To get some pointers on how to make the right choice, head on over to our blog, 5 Designer Tips on how to Pick the Right Veil for You.

What widths do veils come in?

Our veils are designed in a variety of widths proportional to the silhouette of the veil design. Typically, longer veils are also wider, but not always. The key thing to remember is choose a veil width that complements the silhouette of your dress. It needs to drape and fall to create the effect you want.

What are the best edge finishes for veils?

Once again, it depends on the effect you wish to achieve. If you are looking for something soft and subtle, we recommend a cut, corded (pencil), narrow ribbon or beaded edge. For a bolder, more statement look, consider a wider ribbon edge like horsehair.

What color wedding veil should I wear?

The color of your veil should match your gown. There are many shades of white but the two main veil colors are eggshell and ivory. Eggshell is slightly off-white and ivory is a warmer white. However, if your gown is bright white and has a blue undertone, a white veil is recommended. For more information about choosing the right veil color, read our blog, Picking the Right Veil Color for your Dress.

What are the different gathering options for veils?

We offer 3 distinct veil gathering options:

1) the ever popular and versatile centre-gathered veil that can drape around your arms and shoulders or worn behind (best for a lace veil);

2)  the fully gathered veil that offers more height at the top and falls straight down from the comb with no way to drape around your arms and shoulders (very impressive from the back); and

3) the "drop veil" with no gather whatsoever and a few natural folds that appear when worn (the sheerest and most delicate of all gathered veils).

What about blusher veils (veil over my face); should I wear one?

Again, there is no right or wrong answer. It's a matter of personal taste. In my humble opinion, a blusher veil is a romantic bride's dream accessory. Read our blog, There's Something About Blusher Veils: 3 Reasons to Consider Wearing One to get my full POV.

When should I order my veil?

Start thinking about choosing your veil as soon as you've said "yes to the dress," ideally, 4-6 months before your wedding. Veils can take up to 8 weeks to produce, depending on the level of intricacy. Custom veils may take longer. Ordering early ensures you will have your veil for your gown fittings & hair trial.

Can I iron a veil?

We recommend against ironing since it's easy to melt or scorch the fabric. Steaming is best. Use a handheld steamer or hang it in a humid bathroom for about 20 minutes. For more tips on how to get your veil ready for the wedding, read our blog, 3 Care Tips for a Wrinkle Free, Picture Perfect Veil and Wedding Ready You.

When should I put my veil on?

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, once you receive your veil, meet with your hairstylist for a bridal hair 'trial' and work with them to decide where you want to position your veil (and headpiece) and come up with a plan.

The last thing you want is for your veil to fly off because it was improperly secured so to prevent 'veil mishaps', we recommend asking your hairstylist to place and secure your veil when you're getting your hair styled on your wedding day. 

When should I take my veil off?

Veils, especially long ones like chapel and cathedral veils, are mainly worn for the ceremony and pictures, and then, taken off for the reception. After all, a long veil can really mess up your groove and get in the way of dancing feet. However, if you really want to keep a veil on all day and night, consider replacing it with a shorter party veil!

By the way, don't forget to ask your photog to get a stunning shot of your first dance with your ceremonial veil beautifully draped over your arm. You'll be glad you did!

Who should help with removing your veil?

If your hairstylist is available, ready and willing to stick around until after the ceremony, consider asking them to help with removing it. If not, enlist the help of a BFF or trusted family member. Read our blog, 3 Care Tips for a Wrinkle Free, Picture Perfect Veil and Wedding Ready You for some precautions on how to safely remove the veil.

Will my veil or headpiece come with a comb attached?

All of our veils come with metal tooth combs for secure placement in the hair but not all headpieces do. Headpieces secure into the hair in a variety of ways depending on the design. Although it used to be common for headpieces and veils to be attached, now they're almost always separate since it allows for more flexibility of placement and easy removal. 

Can you wear a separate headpiece with a veil?

Of course!! Strategically placed headpieces will complement your wedding veil and gown. For example, if you're planning to wear a headband or tiara at the front of your head, consider placing a drop veil at the back. That way, you will look stunning from all angles! Check out our blog, Bridal Headpieces and Your Bride Vibe: Finding Your Match Made in Heaven for more ideas.

How do I care for my wedding veil after the wedding?

After the wedding, you'll likely want to store and preserve this great memento. In fact, over the years, we've had the honor of re-styling countless heirloom veils passed through generations. For valuable tips on how to care for your veil after the wedding, check out our blog, Wedding Veil Care: What to do after "I Do".

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