Wedding Veil Care: What To Do After “I Do”

Of any accessory, a wedding veil is the one that quintessentially says “the bride”. Many women don’t think they want one when they start their bridal fashion journey, and yet, the right one will often bring tears to their eyes. 

Profile of woman wearing wedding veil

On your wedding day, you’ll walk down the aisle toward your love, looking and feeling beautiful in the veil you carefully chose to complete your wedding ensemble. You’ll remember this moment forever as the beginning of a perfect day. But what will you do with it post-nuptials? 

Over the years, we’ve had many brides ask us what they should do with their precious veil after the wedding, and had the honor of re-styling countless heirloom veils passed through generations. So, we've pulled together some valuable tips on how to store and preserve a wedding veil after the wedding, plus some creative ideas of what to do with it next. Fortunately, there are so many options!

How to Store and Preserve A Wedding Veil After the Wedding

No matter if you’re unsure about your future intentions, there are a number of things you’ll want to do to care for your wedding veil post-nuptials.

Bride playing with the veil

1. Assess the condition of your veil and inspect it for any rips or holes.

  • Tulle is very delicate, but can be repaired by an expert seamstress.

2. Get your veil cleaned by a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible. 

  • Try to point out any areas you know were victim to spills. Stains tend to set in over time, and many, like white wine, are invisible, so the sooner you have your veil cleaned, the more likely the stains will come out. 
  • If your veil is heavily embellished with beadwork or applique, ensure to take it to a cleaner who specializes in bridal garments; they will know how to properly treat these special items.

3. Once cleaned, carefully store your veil in acid free boxes and acid free tissue paper to prevent damage and yellowing. 

  • Gently fold or roll the veil in paper and place it in a box or non-woven garment bag. Store it in a cool, dry location, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • If your veil has a headpiece attached, try to remove it, or use acid free tissue paper to wrap it independently of the veil. 
  • If your veil has a metal comb attached, wrap it securely with acid free tissue paper so it’s not touching the material of the veil. 

Bridal veil with monogram on a blue coach

10 Creative Ideas for A Veil after the Wedding

Once it’s safely tucked away, here are some ingenious ideas of what to do with it next.

1. Re-purpose your veil and turn it into a beautiful evening shawl.

This idea works particularly well if you have a long, simple cathedral veil with minimal embellishment. In particular, it’s a great option if you selected one of our signature Mirage Tulle or Luxe Tulle veils, as they are softer, more durable and less prone to tears and snags than the usual nylon illusion tulle. Another bonus— the natural and ivory Mirage Tulle colours dye like a dream and will easily soak up darker shades (hello, sexy sheer black tulle evening shawl!). We’re all for reducing waste and supporting sustainability; and you’ll love remembering the magic of your wedding day as your veil is draped around your shoulders on date night. 

Disclaimer: To say hello to a new tulle shawl or scarf, you will have to say good-bye to your veil— forever! It will need to be removed from the comb and re-shaped, but you will have the opportunity to enjoy it many more times. Wondering if your veil is a candidate for re-styling in this way? We can help

2. Save it for someone’s “something borrowed.” Family heirlooms are a popular choice, and sisters, cousins, daughters and mothers have shared their bridal keepsakes for generations. Perhaps you have a big family with younger sisters or a desire to have daughters of your own… could your beautiful veil become part of a family legacy? When you’re ready to pass it on, take it to a seamstress or professional dry cleaner to attend to any repairs, cleaning or steaming. Depending on length of storage, fabric can become brittle over time, or small holes that weren’t noticeable at first can become more evident. Always handle a veil that’s been stored for a long time with extra care.

3. Frame it or use it as an artistic backdrop. Shadow boxes are a new phenomenon that we’ve loved seeing. These deep photo frames allow keepsakes and trinkets to be displayed and preserved, like a time capsule of a perfect moment. Some of our artistic brides have used their veils as backdrops or features in their bridal shadow boxes. Others have had theirs framed, or used in place of backing paper to create a frame around stunning wedding photography. We’ve even seen glass topped coffee tables with exquisite veils beneath the top - it’s a truly unique way to turn your wonderful accessory into a work of art.

4. Upcycle it into jewellery or accents for home décor. Using tiny glass frames or resin, you could have your veil deconstructed and turned into tiny charms to give to your bridal party, family, or simply to keep for yourself! These tiny momentos could be attached to a bracelet or necklace, turned into earrings or used to decorate a piece of clothing, cushion or decorative blanket. The opportunities to incorporate your veil into your married life are endless with these gorgeous charms.

5. Make it into ornaments. You can buy easy to open, fillable clear ornaments from craft shops. These clever trinkets act like a tiny shadow box to be filled with miniature memories. Add pieces of your veil, a small picture, dried flowers from your bouquet, name cards from the table and even some confetti to create a tiny, easy to keep treasure that can be used at Christmas, in the home and passed down to future generations.

6. Turn it into christening attire. If you’re hoping to get your future children christened, a traditional christening gown can be personalized using elements of your bridal veil. Upcycle your treasured accessory into an artistic overskirt that will make you even happier on that joyous day. Christening gowns are also easy to store and keep for future children, or as a keepsake for your little ones. 

7. Make it into a crib canopy. One of the most sentimental ways we’ve seen long veils recycled is by using them as canopies over infant cribs. Create a beautifully ethereal nursery by attaching your veil to a fastening in the ceiling above the crib, allowing it to flow down and surround your new baby with love and cherished memories. You can also use your veil in this way as a prop for baby’s first photoshoot.

8. Donate it! Your veil has served you well. If it’s in great condition, perhaps you could pay it forward to another bride for her wedding day? There are many charities that will gratefully accept your wedding gown or accessories; from gifting them to brides in need, to having them sold to raise money for charity, choose the option that resonates with you. 

9. Upcycle it into sachets or lingerie bags. Want to see your veil every day for the rest of your life? No problem. We’ve seen wonderful brides turn their veils into everyday items, such as lavender scent sachets or lingerie bags for their delicates. Keep the momento close and cherish your veil in new ways by keeping it in your wardrobe, one way or another.

10. Make it a part of your lingerie collection. Pair it with a sexy white or ivory lace bra and panty set and make your partner’s day.

Obviously, deciding what to do with your veil after the wedding is very personal and sometimes challenging. Take the time you need to think about it and remember, the options are limited only by your own imagination— the choice is yours! 

smiling bride wearing a veil and sitting on a coach