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  • Did you know that your wedding vows, that special exchange of words with your betrothed, can help create the vibe of your wedding? It’s true, those sweet words you share can be a wonderful way to personalize your wedding.

    From the words you choose to express your love and commitment to each other, you can select other wedding details to make it your very own - right down to the wedding accessories.

    For example, if you're having a religious ceremony you will likely be including some of the standard wedding vows verbiage, but you can still add a personal touch. Working with your partner and officiant you can write your own vows and still include certain phrases to adhere to the religious aspects of the wedding ceremony.

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  • Laura_Jayne_ Accessories_Spanish_Inspired_Niagara_Wedding_Fiery_Reds_and_Purple_Color_Palette

    Caliente! Does your vision of your dream wedding day include vibrant colors & details evocative of passion, romance and a bygone era of effortless elegant, opulent style? Settle in for some sumptuous eye candy & read on...

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