Sometimes “Will you be my bridesmaid” doesn’t feel like enough when you think about the group of women that will be walking with you literally and figuratively on your journey down the aisle. As with the rest of your wedding, you want this step to resonate with who you are. 

At Laura Jayne, we’re experts in personalization! Because everything is handmade, we’re able to customize items into one-of-a-kind pieces to be treasured for years to come. We understand the impact it makes when someone receives something unique and who wouldn’t want their bride tribe to feel the same? 

Maybe they’ve been there since day 1, or perhaps they’re about to become your new sister-in-law! Regardless of the relationship, this is your time to show them how much they mean to you. 

We recently had the honor of collaborating on a beautiful woodsy-styled shoot organized by Alana Klein of Swoon Weddings & Events, which was featured on Style Me Pretty. The photos of the bride with her two bridesmaids got us to thinking about how special those relationships are, and gave us some inspiration on bridesmaid proposals.

So if you’re stumped on how to pop the question to your BFF’s, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas to help you propose to your bride tribe!


Sweet Treats

The best thing about baked goods is that you can tailor them to a specific person. Put in the extra effort to make some vegan, gluten-free cupcakes for the health conscious friend, and whip up some triple chocolate cookies for the girl whose tooth is as sweet as she is! Not much of a baker? Visit a local bakery and pick up something you know they’ll love. 

Stop by their home with your basket of fresh baked goodies and a few wedding magazines and she’ll get the hint as soon as she opens the door! This one-on-one time will make her feel so special, and she’ll cherish the memory for years to come. We love the look of delight on the bridesmaid’s faces in this photo, and we can guarantee you’ll get the same reaction from your bride tribe!


High Tea

Set the stage for a glamorous wedding by gathering your girls together for high tea! An event typically reserved for Mother’s Day, milestone birthdays, and other special events, it has an air of elegance and exclusivity. 

Your bridesmaids will be delighted to gather for high tea, especially if they’ve never experienced it before! Over sweet and savory pastries, you can reminisce about how you all met, thinking fondly back to great memories as you embark on creating new ones.     



Dinner Party

There’s something about food that brings people together like nothing else! Although you’re close with your bridesmaids, that doesn’t necessarily mean they all know each other. You and your bridesmaids may have all grown up together, or you might be the type to have different friend circles. It’s a good idea to get the ladies together early on so they can delegate tasks within their group, so why not use that opportunity to “pop the question”!

Plan a nice dinner for everyone to get acquainted and to start bonding over a great meal, either at your home or out at a restaurant. Once the wine starts flowing, the easy conversation won’t be far behind.

Before you know it, the bachelorette party will be planned and they’ll be taking bets on who falls asleep first. 


Spa Date

This photo has us dreaming about a spa weekend getaway! Few things make us feel more luxurious than being pampered. Whether it’s a facial after finishing a big project at work, or a massage while we’re on vacation, who doesn’t love the spa? We love the idea of gathering your bridesmaids together at the spa and asking them to help you walk down the aisle.

They’ll appreciate the gesture and thoughtfulness, especially if they’re the type to always help others and never take time for themselves! You can even tailor each treatment to each person! A pedicure and foot massage for the girl that’s always on her feet, and a deep tissue massage for the girl with 3 kids. Follow your spa trip with a light lunch and let the wedding planning begin!


Custom Cards

With the wedding industry booming like never before, there are countless paper companies making custom products. One of our favorites is fellow Canadian Kristine Heredia, who produces beautiful handmade cards with a verity of timeless options.

Surprise your bridesmaids with a card as unique as they are with a thoughtful message inside, inviting them to stand beside you on your big day. They’ll want to keep it forever, and will have fond memories of your wedding for years to come.


Creative Team:

Photography: Hello Inspira Photography | Venue: Kortright Center for Conservation | Event Planning: Swoon Weddings & Events | Floral Design: Quill and Oak | Sweets: Mademoiselle Vanilla | Wedding Dress: Sash & Bustle | Bridesmaids Dress: Truvelle | Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana | Jewlery and Veil: Laura Jayne | Engagement Ring: Anouk Jewelry | Hair Styling: Styled by Nadia | Makeup: Velsie Mak | Event Rentals: Glamour Affairs Inc. | Linen Rentals: Susan Murray International | Specialty Tabletop Rentals: Plate Occasions 

How did you, or do you plan on asking "Will you be my bridesmaid"? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!