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    How To Stay Creative In Lockdown + A New Bridal Tee Collection

    How do you keep your creative mojo and positive mindset during difficult times? Times when there's many distractions, not-so-good-news isn’t new, and so many of life’s comforting routines are well, just not happening?

    I'm sharing my journey of how I kept mine, and used it to dream up a new collection of bridal tees - passion is never postponed, somehow it comes through.

    Recent months of isolation, team at home, brought plenty of time for reflection. It was essential to look inward & find a way to nurture my creative spirit, to keep things going and make sure our retail partners & brides don’t get let down.

    Here’s some real talk from my journey of creativity in quarantine:

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  • Have you ever wondered where a custom-designed wedding headpiece begins? The idea sounds great, but exactly how do you go about transforming a vision in your mind into a bespoke bridal accessory you love as much as your betrothed!

    Here at team LJ, we design one-of-a-kind modern heirlooms all the time. Usually we’re so busy making, there’s no time for photos, so when we happened to capture some behind the scenes of a recent custom creation, we knew we needed to share. (click "read more" below for the rest of the story!).

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  • Did you know that your wedding vows, that special exchange of words with your betrothed, can help create the vibe of your wedding? It’s true, those sweet words you share can be a wonderful way to personalize your wedding.

    From the words you choose to express your love and commitment to each other, you can select other wedding details to make it your very own - right down to the wedding accessories.

    For example, if you're having a religious ceremony you will likely be including some of the standard wedding vows verbiage, but you can still add a personal touch. Working with your partner and officiant you can write your own vows and still include certain phrases to adhere to the religious aspects of the wedding ceremony.

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  • It’s easy to think of spring as “wedding season” and to write off the rest of the year as less-than-ideal times to tie the knot. However, inspiration abounds for a winter wonderland wedding, sparkling with style & sophistication.

    Read through for our list of eight details that add sparkle and style to your winter wonderland wedding, featuring photos from real bride and groom Sherrie and Adam!

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  • Are you dreaming of a wedding that screams "romance" without you having to physically shout it from the rooftops? In this blog, we're saving you the trouble pulling inspo from one of our favorite romantic artforms - the ballet!

    Regardless of your opinion of the dance, if you have an affinity for all things romance, keep reading for 8 tips on how to plan the most romantic wedding...ever!

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  • Ever wonder what happens in the atelier between posts? Read our weekly roundup for the scoop on what we've been working on!

    This week features custom veils, a pop-up trunk show, and an exciting feature in WedLuxe! Read on for all the details!

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